January 30, 2016

Sports Performance Seminar Series – Coaches Edition

We understand that coaching education can often be expensive and sometimes difficult to attend. At the same time, it’s important that coaches not only get experience in the trenches, but also learn from experts in the field that can make a difference. With that being said, we are happy to announce the newest addition to our performance-related programs and services.

Sports Performance Seminar Series

The “Sports Performance Seminar Series – Coaches Edition” is designed for coaches in the El Paso/Las Cruces area who value education and are searching for ways to get better. We are bringing in EXPERTS to share their knowledge on different topics from 4 performance domains:


These seminars/workshops will typically last 2 hours, and may have one or more professionals sharing their knowledge in their respective fields. The cost for each workshop will be $49.00 with registration online. Coaches with all levels of experience, and from any sport, are invited to attend. Bring a fellow coach and save $10!

*Athletes and/or professional adults who are interested in attendance may contact us for registration.

Our first presentation will be on Sunday from 2:00pm to 4:00pm, February 28th, 2016. Expect an announcement in the coming days to find out who our first presenter will be and on what topics.

For any questions, please contact Stephen Wegner at 915-202-1162 or email at swegner@xplodeathletics.com