New Things for Xplode Athletics in 2016!

If you train with Xplode Athletics, or plan to, you can expect some changes in 2016.

We are excited to add new programs and services that will compliment our existing Sports Performance Programs. One we think will be a huge hit, is our “Speed Athlete” field sessions. These sessions will be conducted in a group format and will be a great addition to our services. Another project we have been working on is the addition of our “Recovery Zone”. This will consist of recovery boots and other over-the-counter devices that will help our athletes prepare and recover from training and competition. Lastly, because nutrition plays such a vital role in the health and performance of our athletes, we will begin to carry pre-approved supplements and made-to-order meals that are available for pick up at the gym.

As you can see, we have some great additions on the way and will be releasing more info as it becomes available. Until then, we hope everyone has a great New Year and we look forward to an awesome 2016!”

Stephen Wegner, MS
Director, Xplode Athletics


Pro Agility